Depaz Rhum VSOP Martinique 70 cl 45% etui

Depaz Rhum VSOP Martinique 70 cl 45% etui

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The rum Depaz VSOP is a rum aged 6 years. A complex rum that is equally at home being sipped neat as a postprandial drink as in a variety of cocktails.

Tasting Notes :

Appearance : Golden amber

Nose: Sweet and warm on the nose with aromas of vanilla and fresh plum.

Palate: The attack on the palate is clean, powerful and fresh with the finish adding a more peppery touch. Flavours of vanilla, dried roasted fruit and tobacco.

Finish: Very long, very fruity and spicy.

Land : Martinique

Distillery : Depaz

Alcohol by volume : 45% 

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